Let's make memories...

Details of the North York Moors National Park's marketing campaign

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Please contact Tom Outing  if you would like more information

What is the campaign called and what’s the concept behind it?

The campaign is called Let’s make memories… It focuses on themes in the North York Moors National Park’s Management Plan: show-casing the area as ‘a source of physical, mental and spiritual well-being’ and our local distinctiveness. We want to build on previous happy memories, and encourage new ones that can also trigger recommendations to friends and family.

A key aim is to raise awareness of the National Park and the activities that make this area special and different. The campaign focuses on a new generation of visitors to compliment the repeat visit audience. We’re targeting  family audiences and millennial couples in Yorkshire, Humber and the Northeast and people who might not have heard of the National Park before. This could mean parents and children, grandparents and children, 25-35 year old as couples or with their friends.

We’ll be delivering messaging about how to get around, where to go, shop, eat, drink, stay…and how to look after the areas they visit.

The campaign runs from May to January with various phases of spend and activity. Phase one of our targeted media and digital spend is underway. We want to uplift the traditionally quieter shoulder months with stronger brand awareness.

What aspects of the National Park will the campaign support?

This is an activities-led campaign, whether that’s part of a wider festival, event or bookable activity, to things that are self-led in the visitors’ own time. These will lead back into the theme of health and well-being and showcase our local resources and skills. For example, a cycling or walking event will give people the chance to enjoy the activity and enjoy the landscape and natural beauty.

We encourage audiences to ‘stay local’ during their time in the National Park and look for opportunities within that area to cut down on the need for driving and encourage more walking and cycling.

How will we do this?

We’ll showcase our target markets enjoying activities, using photography and video, with real-life experience blogs and graphics.

Look out for the Let’s Make Memories campaign across social media channels, in the media and travel guides and blogs, on radio, podcasts, on-demand TV, travel hubs, and cinema. Advertisements are being targeted to different regions so we can encourage more ‘on the doorstep’ visitors, to help with concerns about value for money and time.

How can businesses benefit and get involved?

If you’d like to get involved, you could share our social media posts, or create your own using #LetsMakeMemories – which we can try to amplify.

Tell Tom Outing  about anything you'd doing which fits in with these themes. Your ideas may spark other opportunities which we can showcase through our channels. Simply letting us know you would welcome appearing in our adverts or blogs helps us form a list of businesses who'd like to be approached. It's useful for us to have your information 2-3 months in advance. 

Get in touch with your content suggestions too. Further photography commissions are planned for early July and October/November, with another video shoot (for adverts) in September/October. Other individual shoots will take place on a case-by-case basis. Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts on gaps in the library at the moment. For example, we’ve had a request for more ‘grandparent and grandchildren’ shots and  more night-time economy shots.

Resources you can use as part of the Let's Make Memories campaign

The gallery can be seen here. Please remember to credit any images you use. 

You can watch the video ad here and embed in your own social media and website

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