Elevating Accessibility in English Tourism: VisitEngland's New Toolkit

Big news for tourism in England: VisitEngland has launched its 'Accessible and Inclusive Toolkit for Tourism Businesses' as of 30 November. This innovative resource aligns with the UK's goal to become the most accessible tourism destination in Europe by 2025, a vision outlined in the government's Tourism Recovery Plan.

Toolkit Highlights

This toolkit is a treasure trove of practical advice for creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. It covers areas like accessible facility design, employing disabled people, and providing clear accessibility information. The toolkit is practical, offering top tips, case studies, and checklists to help businesses make meaningful improvements.

Access the Toolkit

Tourism businesses can access this valuable toolkit for free on the VisitEngland website. Developed with input from over 30 organisations, it's a step towards a more inclusive and accessible travel experience in England.

Click here to access the toolkit.

Enhancing Accessibility in the North York Moors with VisitEngland's Toolkit

Businesses in the North York Moors Accessible Project can utilise VisitEngland's 'Accessible and Inclusive Toolkit' to further improve accessibility. Implementing its practical advice can elevate the visitor experience, making the region a model for accessible rural tourism. Sharing this toolkit's strategies with other businesses can also encourage a broader adoption of inclusive practices, contributing significantly to the region's tourism appeal and aligning with national goals for accessibility.


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