Results of National Coastal Tourism Academy business survey

We sometimes ask you to contribute to the National Coastal Tourism Academy survey. They gather information to help plan campaigns and lobby government for additional support.

The latest results can be seen here: Coastal Business Survey results 2022_wave 2 June.pdf

Some of the Yorkshire findings are slightly different to the national picture - you can see these differences here: NCTA business survey_Yorkshire Coast_June 22.docx

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Accessible tourism - an important market

Purple full chart

If you think of 'accessible tourism' as important but hard to understand, think again. And if you think all disabled visitors are in wheelchairs and you can't necessarily cater for them, think again. You may be missing out on a huge market. We've added some information and resources to the Accessibility page - take a look and see how you can benefit, and make 20% of the population happy! 

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Eden Camp Leaflet Exchange

The Eden Camp leaflet distribution day will take place on Wednesday, 30th March. This is an opportunity for accommodation providers to pick up leaflets from attractions and event organisers - and have a good chat with industry colleagues too.

Please see this leaflet for all the details. You'll need to take a copy with you to gain entry. 

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