How to create a new tourism experience

New experiences

Are you considering creating a new tourism experience?

It could be something completely new, or a collaboration between businesses, or offer visitors an opportunity to learn something that enhances their visit.

We may be able to help you develop new experiences, with advice and possible funding so do get in touch if you’d like some support (

Here are some questions to consider:

Can you offer an opportunity to learn something new, sample an activity, watch or enjoy something different? Or perhaps you can offer access to an experience that’s not open to all?

Visitors are keen for new experiences, chances to learn and discover different ways to enjoy their leisure time. They’re willing to pay for these experiences too, so don’t undercharge!

When you start to crate your new experience think about:

How can it be experienced? With all senses? How can you describe it so visitors can really imagine what they’ll do and the ‘transformation’ they’ll undergo, or new skill they might gain.

Could your experience include local food and drink?

What are the key highlights of the expertise? It’s useful to give 2 or 3 bullet points to grab interest and build anticipation. You didn’t need to give all the details: a certain level of intrigue can work well.

When/what are the photo opportunities?

What hands-on participative elements could you include?

Can you include any small surprises that act as ‘talk triggers’ for word of mouth recommendations?

Will visitors be able to take anything home?

How will participants feel once they’ve completed this experience? It’s good if you can help them feel better in some way, or offer some kind of transformation. For example, they might gain some kind of skill, feel more relaxed, informed, excited or uplifted.

Do get in touch if you’d like some support to create your experience.


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