Protect nature

Nature is vital to our existence. It provides our air, water and food as well as other essential resources we need to survive. Being out in nature also has important benefits for our mental health and well-being. Nature protects us. But how can we and our businesses make a positive contribution to protect nature?

Below are short, medium and longer-term suggestions from other third party sources that can offer you practical advice and information.

Be a voice for nature

9 Ways to protect nature. Read more. 

Protecting wildlife at home

There are many simple things you can do at home to help wildlife. Read more. 

More ways you can participate

Let part of your garden grow wild. Allow an area of grass to grow long to provide a haven for insects. Grow a wildflower patch to attract bees. If you don’t have access to a garden, consider supporting a community garden.

Try to plant native trees and shrubs.

Collect rainwater using a water butt to water your garden

Try to use water-based paints when decorating, instead of oil-based ones which are less eco-friendly.

Try to eliminate single-use plastic and plastic bags.

Always buy peat-free compost.

Consider making your own cleaning products. Vinegar, lemons, and bicarbonate of soda are the base for many really effective cleaning products.

Consider changing to environmentally friendly and chlorine free cleaning products

Take part in the RSPB Bird watch and tell your guests about the local birds and wildlife. The RSPB Birdwatch helps to monitor how garden birds are faring, and explains how it is vital we do all we can to look after our birdlife.

Create animal shelters for wildlife looking to explore, feed and possibly take shelter.

 Explain to your visitors what you are doing so they can adopt some of your ideas at home.