Buy locally & support more local businesses

Image: Fridge Productions

Buy locally

Buying locally supports independent businesses and communities by keeping money in the local economy, supporting local jobs, helping reduce food miles, minimising fuel consumption and waste. 

How your business can become local

Consider which products and services you could switch to; either to support more local businesses or to use products and services which are more sustainable or ethical.

Can you name any local suppliers and share this information with your customers?

Where do you buy your key supplies? Could you develop a policy of buying a percentage of your suppliers from local producers within 10 miles of your business?

If you serve local produce or mention local suppliers, dont just say or write local, give full details of their name, exact location (and distance in relation to your business) and any other useful information you have about them.

Actively promote local artists and craft-makers and include links on your website, invite them to promote their work to your customers and consider becoming a craft affiliate.