Congratulations on becoming a Champion!

Champions Logo

Here's the Champions logo for you to use on your website and in your social media. You can download it here or simply right click on the image and then 'save as...'

Please do not try to alter or edit the logo in any way. This logo should be used to indicate that you appreciate the North York Moors National Park's Special Qualities and are proud of your location here. You might like to tell your visitors that you love to act as a Champion to help them enjoy all that the National Park has to offer.

Please note that the logo should not be used as an endorsement of your business.

Champions 2024

Key messages for Champions

As a Champion, we know that you know just how special the North York Moors National Park is and how much you already do to keep it that way. We’d also love you to share some key messages about the National Park with your visitors.

This is not an exhaustive list, or in any particular order, nor will every message be relevant to all of you (you may already be doing a lot of them!). We recommend that you pick out the ones most relevant to you and adapt as appropriate.

  1. Walk and cycle this way. Travel to and around the North York Moors is visitors’ biggest contribution to the National Park’s carbon footprint. Have suggestions for your favourite walks and bike rides your visitors can do from your door. We’ve got plenty of walking and cycling routes to get you started too.
  2. Public transport: With most single bus journeys costing no more than £2 until the end of December 2024, there’s never been a better time to promote daily bus services (and train links).
  3. Help protect our dark skies: The North York Moors is an amazing place for stargazing, recognised with our International Dark Sky Reserve designation in 2020. Sensitively installed and correctly adjusted lighting helps protect our dark skies, which are important for many reasons, not least astrotourism, nature and human health. Our best practice guide explains what you can do.
  4. Share with Care (it’s the North York Moors tailored version of the Countryside Code!): Some of your visitors will be new to the countryside so we’ve pulled together useful info to help everyone enjoy their visit.
  5. Taste of the North York Moors: showcase our passionate chefs, producers, farmers’ markets, food experiences, and cake! You can find them here.
  6. Tackle single use plastic: Litter continues to be a big issue across the National Park. Our Food toolkit has ideas on how to reduce use single use plastics.
  7. Local artists and craftspeople: Want more artwork to display in your business? Or recommend high quality artists and craftspeople to your visitors so they can purchase a souvenir that reminds them of a memorable holiday. Our Arts and culture hub is a good place to start.
  8. Microvolunteering:- There are lots of ways your visitors can get involved with keeping the North York Moors a special place without any long-term commitment. Check out our micro-volunteering No training required!
  9. Highlight your own community volunteering: Hearing your stories will inspire your visitors and the National Park benefits too. We’d love to share your stories on our Community News page. Plus find out how to connect your community group with us.
  10. Nature Recovery Hub: There’s still lots that can be achieved by individuals and communities in gardens and other green spaces. The greater the variety of habitats you can offer, the more species you can support. Our Senior Ecologies Elspeth Ingleby has shared her advice for helping nature thrive. Don’t forget our nature calendar too so you and your visitors know what to look out for and when – simply being in nature has such a positive impact on our health and wellbeing!

Catriona McLees – North York Moors National Park