Sharing our love of the North York Moors National Park

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Keep It Special

We hope you'll get involved in Keep It Special (KIS). It's which is all about recognising, appreciating, conserving and sharing what makes the North York Moors National Park special. Tourism is an essential part of our local economy. It's equally important that we look after the places visitors come to enjoy. We need to be better at balancing the needs of businesses, residents, visitors and the environment.

KIS will help more tourism businesses to attract visitor who appreciate our special sense of place. We hope it will result in closer collaborations between accommodation, attractions, activities and experiences. You'll also be able to benefit through networking events, marketing workshops and our local distinctiveness work. We'll offer guidance to help solve some common issues such as increasing the length of stay and addressing seasonality

Many of you have said that you'd like to help safeguard the environment and find more sustainable ways of doing things but it can be hard to know what to actually do. We plan to offer some really simple and practical solutions. 

Look out for:

  • Networking and marketing events 
  • Different ways to use local distinctiveness to benefit your business
  • Practical ideas to help you make your business more sustainable
  • Ways to take advantage of the growing interest in wellbeing and wildlife tourism

Follow up from our first meeting on 11th November

Brief introduction to using local distinctiveness in your business and the scope of the KIS project - recording from part of the event on 11th November. Click here for the recording. You'll need to use the passcode: 98+Ty%L4

The main learning workshops will start in January.

I mentioned several links during this session: 

The current North York Moors National Park Special Qualities are listed here. They will be reviewed and simplified as part of the National Park's new management plan early next year. 

You can buy a custom-made Ordnance Survey map with your business or home right in the very centre here for a reasonable price. 

The Dark Skies toolkit is here. We'll look at arranging some more workshops with Richard Darn so you can learn more about Dark Skies. 

We’re delighted that support from Anglo American will enable us to significantly extend and enhance our activities.

Anglo American

Anglo American's vision is to reimagine mining to help improve people’s lives. At the Woodsmith Project they are committed to delivering a lasting, positive contribution to the area, with benefit felt both during and beyond the life of the operation. They will mine Polyhalite, a naturally occurring mineral containing potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium, four of the six key nutrients required for plant growth. Polyhalite is a low chloride, multi-nutrient fertiliser suitable for organic use that can boost crop yields and aid more sustainable farming as global demand for food increases.