Update from the Zoom Meeting on 7th March

(Zoom call recording at the bottom of this page)

During the call I outlined the background to the Champions idea, what we're hoping to achieve, and how we hope it will help you. 

We do have some 'asks' of you

These are things that will help you promote your business and the North York Moors National Park.

Please do email me - when you have done all the following, including a web link: 

1. Make sure all your marketing communications correctly name the National Park: North York Moors National Park. 

2. Create a strong 'About us' page (or similar), outlining some information about you, your interests, perhaps the story behind setting up your business, and why you love the NYMNP.

3. At least one page about the local area, not just a list of attractions, but information that shows you really know and love your very local area. What's special about it? 

Additional information we suggest you add/more actions

Please let me know so we can use in potential promotional activity.

1. Any local collaborations? These could be formal joint initiatives or as simple as a page on your website where you talk with genuine love about a local supplier!

2. What actions are you taking to become more sustainable? Please make sure you add this information to your website. We're always looking for unusual examples, or examples where someone has gone beyond the usual initial activities. 

3. If you have particular knowledge about your local area, please email - we may need to ask some people for help with more information when the new website is ready/nearly ready

4. Do you have any examples of previous guests/visitors who've felt much better as a result of a visit? Whose mental health has perhaps improved? Tom Outing at NYMNP is looking for examples - 

Next steps and activities to look out for:

I'll share a link for the online forum so you can collaborate with each other/ask for updates etc

I'll run a session on writing and using blogs

Key messages from the North York Moors National Park that we'd love everyone to use (more on this soon): we're encouraging visitors to give their car a holiday once they arrive here, either using public transport (when feasible), walking or cycling to explore local areas in more depth and to reduce food miles by sourcing and enjoying local produce in season. 

Recording of the Zoom call on 7th March

I recorded the call so you can listen to it below. It starts with me ranting about the voice of the woman who alerts everyone to the call being recorded, so yo might want to start a minute in!  I didn't do a presentation so this is just an audio recording/